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morals_and__manners1 morals_and__manners1 YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2017


No. of Pages: 106

Available at: SMMM Generalate Afaraukwu Umuahia, Umuahia.

Price: 500.00

This is an anthology of moral stories (mostly fables and parables). Fables are animal stories while parables are human stories. Both of them teach moral lessons. They are very short and straight to keep the attention of the audience, while entertaining and educating. Educational Psychology teaches that storytelling is very important pedagogy for making lasting impressions on people. Coupled with lessons in the fables and parables are other moral tip-bits.

It is hoped that the users of this book, preachers and teachers (in formal and informal education), will find it useful for preaching and teaching; by so doing, leaving their audience with abiding messages to take home.

Simon Peter Nnamdi Okanumee, SMMM is a Catholic Priest of Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy Congregation. He is a powerful preacher and thorough teacher of the Word of God using stories (fables and parables) that illustrate morals. This book is a product of his years of collection of stories and interest in storytelling.

He is the author of “Morals and Manners: Students’ Companion for Character formation, “Authority and Power: The Principles of Effective Preaching” and “Grace and Mercy: Resources for 40-Days of Lent.” He has written numerous articles published in academic journals and other print media. Presently, he is the Secretary General of his Congregation.