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Every religious Congregation has members of the lay faithful who in one way or the other associate themselves with the Congregation. This is true of our religious family, Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy. As an indigenous religious Congregation, many good spirited individuals have supported the Congregation, financially, morally and otherwise.

Since one of the challenges of the Congregation is the training and sponsorship of her Seminarians who are on formation for the Ministerial priesthood, the present administration of the Congregation deemed it necessary to form the association of the lay faithful who desire to beget missionaries for the Church, by training seminarians who are on formation for the priesthood. Thus, the Friends of the Sons, came into existence in October, 2010.

As FRIENDS OF THE SONS, they become members of the Congregation in extension and we maintain a rapport with them.


We the members of the Congregation of Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy, are very grateful to those who have joined this association. Those inaugurated form the foundation members of the association. Thank you for associating with us, as we assure you of our prayers always.

We hereby call upon the good people of God, those who wish to support the spread of the Gospel by training missionaries, to join the FRIENDS OF THE SONS. The FOS is an association that is open for all Christians. It has been designed to incorporate everyone who wishes to join.

Presently, the Congregation has 185 priests working in so many parts of the world, Africa and beyond. We also have 82 Senior Seminarians undergoing formation for the priesthood. The financial challenges of sponsoring them for a period of 9 years are quite enormous. Why not join in fanning into flame the missionary life of the Church by begetting missionaries for the Church.

seminarian_inchapel OUR CONTACT Addresses:
Very Rev. Fr. Dr. George Okorie, SMMM
Superior General,
Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy Generalate,
P.O. Box 1660,
Umuahia Abia State.
Rev. Fr. Sixtus Dilibe, SMMM
Friends of the Sons
+2348062244682 or +2348165471721

Indicate your interest by contacting us and we will be glad to come to you or
You can pay into our account if you wish to remain anonymous.

"God does not command that we do great things, only little things with great love".
Mother Teresa

You can make your payments with this account number:
Account name: Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy
Account number: 0008631 269
Bank: Diamond

Thanks for your support.