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Name of school:

Lucy Memorial Secondary School Amairi

Location of the school:

Lucy Memorial Secondary School Amairi in Isiala Ngwa South L.G.A of Abia State, located in the South East of Nigeria

Date/Year of establishment:

On 15th day of September, 1997, Lucy Memorial was established and on that same day given the name Lucy Memorial

Established/Founded by:

Very Rev. Fr. Dr James Michael Okparaonwuka SMMM

Number at inception:

At inception (1997), the number of its students was 213, and since then, the number has grown from strength to strength.

Current numerical strenght:

The school today has about five hundred and sixty (560) students both male and female.

Mode of admission:

The school management has a unique way of admitting prospective candidates into the school. First, we begin by all round advertisement. The school publishes an entrance (circulars) letters which are sent to all the Primary schools and Churches in Isiala Ngwa South and environs for awareness. The time, date and venue of the entrance examination is clearly indicated in the letters.

The prospective candidates comes to the school premises for their exams. English, Mathematics and General knowledge are subjects of interest for the entrance examination.

After the exams, the successful students are given prospectus which bears the school requirements.

Description of the uniforms:

For our uniform we have navy blue trousers/shorts and sky blue shirts for the boys, and navy blue skirt and sky blue shirt for the girls. Included in our uniform is the navy blue pull-over and games wear – green short and green polo for the boys and green skirt and polo for the girls.

Record of excellence:

It is no news that in terms of Disciplinary and Academic excellence, Lucy Memorial Secondary School is second to none in the History of Isiala Ngwa South. Suffice it to say that its historic achievements is extended to extracurricular activities (like sports) and morality. Lucy memorial is astounding for Spartan discipline and famous for victories at any sporting events.

It is no surprise that when the Local Government conducted a test exams for all the students in her jurisdiction, Lucy Memorial students came home with all the awards. Our students secured first, second and third position in the competition.

The standard of academic pedestal attained by the school, of which the school is revered today was not just achieved enigmatically. Rather, it is a result of the technical mastery and academic wizardry attained by its tutorial staff.

Structures and faciliies:

Just as a new born baby yearns for growth and development, the school has not just yearned for these but has grown remarkably structurally wise through the years. The school like a little seed started its germination on the 15th of September, 1997 at the Village hall of Amairi community in Isiala Ngwa South L.G.A of Abia State where it was planted with the instrumentality of its then Principal Rev. Fr. Julius Nwagbara, relocated to its permanent site that is where it is presently located by this time the founder had already built the first academic block of a standard rooms of about 24 feet length and 22 feet width.

These rooms contained the bursar’s office, principal’s office, old library, store, computer room, laboratory and some classrooms. In 2001 the second Academic block was raised with the capacity of two mighty halls and a staff room that contains two extra rooms for the offices of vice principal and the academic dean. In the year 2003, Rev. Fr. Christian Okwuru raised the third block with the capacity of about 6 hall – like classrooms. By this year the school has completed her full academic circle with JSS 1 to SS 3.

In addition to all these, the school has completed the Principal’s residential house. The school has also sank bore hole with the help of Hennef, a generator house, and well equipped Library financed by Hennef. The library block was began by Fr. Ossy Okeke and completed by Fr. Leo Jioke. Added to all these is the presence of a well-equipped computer laboratory.

List of principals and time of service:

All these feats attained by the school are the products of dedicated principals, which have directed the affairs of the school right from its inception in 1997. These are not just principals but priests with integrity and after the mind of Christ. The distinguishing factor among these administrator is that they take care of the students during the school hours and most importantly, after school hours. A sacrifice not so many in their capacity as a principals of day secondary schools will shy away from. These are their names and their periods of notable and fruitful services to the school.

Rev. Fr. Augustine Eke, SMMM 1997 – 1999
Rev. Fr. Christopher Chukwu, SMMM (Late) 1999 – 1999
Rev. Fr. Julius Nwagbara, SMMM 1999 – 2002
Rev. Fr. Christian Okwuru, SMMM 2002 – 2005
Rev. Fr. Jude Ossy Okeke, SMMM 2005 – 2008
Rev. Fr. Leonard Ugochukwu Jioke, SMMM 2008 - 2010
Rev. Fr. Anthony Nwankwo SMMM 2010 – 2014
Rev. Fr. Lawrence Amamchukwu SMMM 2014 – 2018
Rev. Fr. Pius Effiong SMMM 2018 - 2022
Rev. Fr. Gerald Obi SMMM 2022 – Present
These are the men of valour as the history of this noble institution is replete with their unquantifiable services.


The Unique Magazine is the official publication of the school

Scholarship scheme:

In line with the corporate social responsibility of the school to the host community – Amairi and her students, the school every six years offer scholarships to at least five indigenes of the host community. The selection process is done by the community.

The 2016/2017 academic year afforded a new scheme of scholarships to the indigenes, to run for six years (until their graduation at SS 3). Added to these are the termly or yearly awarding of scholarships to selected exceptional students. This is done at the discretion of the principal.

School Anthem:

Lucy Memorial Secondary School
A land of hope for the Nigerian child
An uncommon blessing to humanity
Light of the world through knowledge.

A place of hard work and achievements
Where joy, peace and unity reign
A center for morality and academics
I love and cherish the Lucy family.

Love of God and love of neighbor is our goal
Service to God though humanity is our identity
Lord bless our school for we trust in you.
Into your hands O God we place our school


The motto of the school is “Light of the World through Knowledge”