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Papst Johaness XXIII. Friedenslehre Pacem in terris (1963) und die situation Nigerias.


PUBLISHER: Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main.


AUTHOR: Polycarp Ibekwe

In this work the author Polycarp Ibekwe made a socio-philosophical analysis of the peace encyclical of Pope John XXIII. This was the first attempt to give a philosophical meaning to a theological work of a Pope in recent time. The author recognised with John XXIII, the astonishing rule of law in the physical world and the disunity among individuals and among nations. Man is ruled by moral law, equally binding in its directives, but subject to the requirements of the divine law.

This study begins with the affirmation of the fact that human persons blessed with dignity, rights and duties. Consequently, man has rights and duties flowing from his nature, and enhanced by the higher order of grace. In order to have peace in the world, all human endevours should gear towards recognising and respecting the rights of man such as the right of life, the economic rights, the freedom of worship, the right to choose ones state of life, the right of assembly, the right of education, the right of free speech etc. Furthermore, the rights of man give rise to his corresponding duties, then who ever has a right has equally duties to perform.

Die identität der Katholischen Priester im Licht des II. Vatikanums und das priesterliche Leben in Igbo-Diözesen Nigerias. Eine theologisch-rechtliche Untersuchung.


PUBLISHER: Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main.


AUTHOR: Polycarp Ibekwe

In this work the author Polycarp Ibekwe tries to analyse the identity of the Catholic Priesthood in the light of the Second Vatican Ccouncil . The work centered on the Catholic priest as Christ representative. His identity, his rights, his duties, and the corresponding sanctions that could be attracted for violating the laws as stated in the code of 1983. This reflection equally centered on the requirements for admission into the priestly service and on the life of priests, and the relationship that should exist between priests and their ordinaries, among priests, and between priests and the laity. It is the intention of the author to assist priests in living an authentic priestly life.

Finally the reflection ended with some suggestions of how to live an authentic priestly life. The author has doctorate degree in philosophy from Jesuit Philosophy University in München, and Doctorate degree in theology from Ludwig Maximilians University in München speciasing in Canon law.